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Ritalin (Methylphenidate) - is a medicinal remedy from the group of psychostimulants.

Other names - are MPH, Ritalin LA, Ritalin SR, Concerta, Methylin, Metadate, Metadate CD, Metadate ER, Methylin, Methylin ER.

RitalinRitalin - are small tablets of white or yellow color, they possess a slightly bitter taste, render a stimulating effect on central nervous system, initially were produced exclusively by company «Ciba», but subsequently other companies have begun to produce this drug.

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The preparation was first synthesized in 1944. In 1961, physicians from different cities of the United States drew attention to the fact that preparations of the new generation of the group of stimulants methylphenidate and D-amphetamine help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but compared with Benzedrine, they cause seldom side effects. After this, the firm "Ciba-Geigy" has suggested to use Ritalin (methylphenidate) for the treatment of this disease. The remedy was initially rejected by the U.S. administration on control food and drug products (FDA), but then, in 1963 was approved.
Attention deficit.

Ritalin is used for the treatment of a hyperkinetic syndrome (hyperactivity) and ADHD in children, for an improving attention and a mental activity in patients with the certain types of depression, as well as for a ridding a person from lethargy, which can develop after the reception of some medicinal substances.

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buy ritalin onlineRitalin acts quickly enough, unlike drugs, which begin to act only after a few weeks, its action begins in 20-25 minutes. In order to determine the dose and a frequency of the reception of Ritalin may take several days. All the attempts to find the correct correspondence between the weight of human and the dose of the medicament and its level in blood were not successful. For children, is usually calculated in a proportion of 0, 3-0, 7 mg per 1 kg weight. However, as mentioned above, everyone has different reactions on Ritalin and sometimes is required the adjustment. About 21% of children, Ritalin is not suitable at all.

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in order to determine the optimal dose, Ritalin is taken as follows: first 3 days, one tablet by 5 mg (or a half on 10 mg), from fourth to sixth day, two pills simultaneously by 5 mg (or one on 10 mg), and then is added one more pill every three days to 20 mg, but if side effects were observed in a patient, then an increasing of the dose should be stopped. Within three to four days can be clearly identified the effect of Ritalin.

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Such practice is necessary in order to find the lowest dose, providing the best result and reduce side effects. Typically, the tablet of 5 mg is not enough for achievement of the effect - the changes in behavior or the improvements in the performance of tasks. In any case, in order to find the optimum dose of Ritalin is necessary a gradual increase of a consumption of the preparation.

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It happens that even in the case of application of 5 mg can appear nervousness, headache, but it happens very rarely. If the complaints are continued over several days - Ritalin is contraindicated for this patient.
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Sometimes during the studies have been manifested some undesirable phenomenon’s, caused by Ritalin. In small doses, Ritalin reduces cardiac rhythm, increases blood pressure, but usually these changes are insignificant. Ritalin can be taken before meal and after it. It happens that the reception of the drug provokes pain in abdomen, but this pain is eventually stopped, otherwise the reception of the drug should be discontinued.

A manufacturer of the medicament recommends periodically to check liver and to do blood test. It is associated with some side phenomenon’s, so these tests are not considered binding, but at the prolonged use of Ritalin, would be not bad to do them.

The main side effects of Ritalin:

• Fast or irregular heartbeat.

• Fever, sore throat, headache, red skin rash

• Increased blood pressure

• Dry mouth

• Loss of appetite

• Sleep problems

• Diarrhea

• Anxiety or nervousness

• Nausea

• Dizziness or headache

• Sleepiness (lethargy)

• Abdominal pain

• Weight loss

• Twitching of muscles or tics

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There are also a number of other side effects.

Parents often turn to doctors, insisting to prescribe a medicament to their children, asserting that they suffer from hyperactivity. To date, this drug is Ritalin, which continues to be debated among specialists. There are allegations, the credibility of which, cause doubts that the reception of Ritalin beneficial effect on mental abilities of children and helps to improve school performance.

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Learning of this, many parents have gone to the doctor, requiring the prescribing this drug for their children, citing on the inherent innate restlessness of their children, but in most such cases the need in the medicament entirely absent.

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There are data that Ritalin has a positive effect on the elderly. It is known that falls are the main cause of serious injuries among people aged over 65 years. In one study, 26 volunteers have participated, whose age was over 65 years. The participants had to rise from a chair, to go some distance, then to return and again to sit on the chair. For some time before the test part of the volunteers took Ritalin, and the rest took a placebo.
Attention deficit disorder.
As a result of the study, it turned out that those who have taken Ritalin have performed test task faster, and felt themselves more confident, standing on feet, than those who have taken placebo. But scientists do not recommend Ritalin for the elderly, because its effect on them has not yet been sufficiently studied. Moreover, people with heart diseases should not take Ritalin.

Attention deficit.

Within the maximum allowable values (about 60mg a day), Ritalin does not cause dependence or addiction. Ritalin does not accumulate either in blood or in any other organs, are not observed the phenomenon of habit, even if a patient suddenly stops to take the preparation after the several years of use.

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In a study of the individual cases, when mistakenly or specially, children have taken the very big dose of Ritalin, it was found that in 33% have been side effects, but none of the side effects have not endangered the child's life. At the same time, some other medicaments, including those, which do not require a prescription of a doctor, can provoke side effects, which lead to death.

However it is known that from 1990 - 2000 years in the United States recorded 186 deaths associated with the use of Ritalin; basically all of them are connected with an overdose of the preparation. It is also worth noting that since 1995, Ritalin has been included in the list of so-called "the most despoiled by" preparations.

( Attention deficit disorder )
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - is considered neurological-behavioral disorder, which develops in childhood.
Attention deficit disorder
ADHD is associated with such symptoms as difficulties of concentrating, hyperactivity and impulsivity poorly managed. In United States for the treatment of ADHD is often used Ritalin.

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Famous statements of Dr. Louis de Brouwer about ADHD and the use of Ritalin by children:

Attention deficit disorder.
Earlier they used to say that the mobile child - is a healthy baby. Today, if a child is too agile it is considered that he is "mental patient" who suffers from ADD.

The disease, according to Dr. Louis de Brouwer, has been invented by the American psychiatrists, together with laboratories in order to raise the level of income of the latter.

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The rock singer Kurt Cobain has consumed Ritalin since seven years. Courtney Love, widow of Kurt believes that the reception exactly of this drug has led to the fact that Kurt has begun to use stronger drugs. As we know in 1994 he committed suicide - shot himself while in his blood were found drugs. It is known that his wife also was prescribed Ritalin in her childhood. Courtney so is describing her feelings: "If in a childhood you use Ritalin and it forms in you a state of constant euphoria, as an adult, what will you strive to?"

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Office of United States Drug Enforcement has reported that the abuse of methylphenidate on the streets has been a serious problem. Introduced in the treatment in 1960's, now drug dealers are selling Ritalin from 10 to 15 dollars per dose. Not a single case has not been registered that Ritalin was made in clandestine laboratories, i.e. all Ritalin, which exists on the black market, is produced by official producers.

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People in U.S. hospitals, who have undergone examination and have used together with this Ritalin in 2001 were on 550% more than in 1990. Also is known that 85% of the volume of world production of Ritalin (methylphenidate) is consumed in the U.S.

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In Australia, the number of prescriptions for stimulants has prescribed by a doctor, for children, has increased over the past 20 years, at 34 times. In Mexico the level of sales of methylphenidate jumped by 800% from 1993 to 2001.

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In 2002 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe noted the high level of legal consumption of methylphenidate in United Kingdom, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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In UK, the number of children, who have been prescribed stimulants, increased by 9200% over the period from 1992 to 2000 years.

In France, from 1989 to 2002, children, who have been determined the diagnosis - "hyperactivity" increased by 600%.

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